Hope Squad Kick Off Week

Grant Career Center kicked off our HopeSquad Program this week starting with Mindfullness Monday! On Tuesday, the students "Stomped Suicide" with an act for suicide prevention by stomping balloons at lunch. For Worth While Wednesday, students could take a post-it note off the walls of the student lounge to spark some inspiration, motivation, or words of affirmation. On Thoughtful Thursday, we paid each other some compliments! Every student wrote a nice thing about their peers in lab. Likewise, HopeSquad members paid it forward with compliments on flashcards! On Friday, HopeSquad students wore red, offered free hugs, and played inspirational, motivational, and FUN music between bells! HopeSquad's goal is to not only be present to students that need a friend, but to bring more awareness of suicide prevention and mental health support! If you'd like to donate to this great cause, please contact Amanda Watson, Emily Cadwallader, or Doug Flamm at 513.734.6222!