campers take a break from the fun

Students arrived early and were ready to head out to enjoy the day. Survival campers learned how to make fire, use a compass, purify water, a Para cord survival bracelet, and how to administer simple first aid. According to Jayden Glassco-Sloan, Survival camp was “EPIC and I can’t wait until next year.” His favorite part was learning the process to purify pond water into drinking water.

Drone camp was a success as campers started with a drone demonstration from Blue Ash Police Department. Lt. Steve Schular showed the campers the multiple ways police departments use drones. Some tactical ways discussed were drug surveillance, taking aerial pictures of crime scenes, and using thermal imaging to track runaways. Students then practiced flying drones on their own through an obstacle course. On the second day, students also built and launched their own rockets and raced cars on a track in addition to more drone flying.

On the first day of Supper Sitter camp, participants learned the qualities of a good babysitter. They were taught how to get a babysitting job and how to get repeat business. They focused on how to have fun with kids, keep kids safe, and what to do when things go wrong. On the first day they created kits to take with them on babysitting jobs. The kits included first aid supplies and fun things to do with the kids. On the second day, campers brought their kits back and practiced their techniques on the staff kids. Students rotated through age groups and learned the difference between babysitting a 2-year-old and 9and 10-year-olds. Kids of all ages, campers and non-campers, enjoyed the day.

Animal Science campers had loads of fun. Over the two days, they worked with multiple animals, made arts and crafts, and played games such as stick horse races and sponge and bucket. Horses received the royal treatment by being brushed and having their manes braided. Once the horses were all polished up, the campers took them for a ride. Dogs of all ages were also treated like royalty. They were bathed, their nails were trimmed, and they were given treats the students had made.

Overall, the Grant Summer Experience was a success and was enjoyed by both campers and staff. The Grant Career Center staff look forward to hosting more career exploration events over the course of the upcoming school year. For more information on these events, be sure to check our website at